Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Been Tagged......7 random things about me.....

my gorgeous girl Bek tagged anyone, so I thought I would play along......

7 Random things you might know or not know about me:

1. I was highly organised & a perfectionist before I had my third girl Olivia
2. I love to cook but hate cleaning up (I do not have a dishwasher), I love a spotless house but hate doing it.
3. I cannot sleep without my pillow (yes I take it everywhere)
4. I do not untie my shoelaces
5. I hate ironing & refuse to do it (I tend to buy clothes that don't need it)
6. I have never had a manicure or a pedicure!! (How sad is that).
7. I looove riding motorbikes (with Ant of course)

There are probably so many other things because I am pretty random (strange I think), so why don't you take this & send them to me or put them on your blog, would love to know some details!!! Hugs Melxx


chanel said...

hi Melanie, thanks so much for your email .. i agree we do have alot in common (i travel with my pillow too - lol) but you really need to have a pedicure ... they are awesome and such a treat. I love looking at painted toe nails!
thank you for your offer to help at Create 08 ... when we are closer to organising the volunteers i will let you know if we need any help - although i'm sure you would much rather be taking the classes yourself. That is the bummer for me organising this ... i would love to be doing the classes too! LOL!
I think its going to be fabulous and i'm really excited we can be doing this in Australia ... lets hope its a huge success and we can do it again next year! wink!
will keep in touch ... how old are your girls? ours are 9 (nearly 10) 7 and almost 4years. Girls totally rock! i feel so blessed to have girls ... always someone to go shopping with, have hot chocolate with, go to movies with, get a pedicure .... lol! the hormones etc will be worth it!
look forward to staying in touch
luv chanel

chanel said...

ok .. i have just read your profile .. you are a Christian ... i am stoked! we have more in common than i thought! how cool!

Brittany Snow said...

youre so cool. you so often out-cool-me. haha. maybe, youre so cool that your coolness out cools mine to such an extent that we shouldnt be cousins.

thats ok, we can be friends instead!!!


Chrissy said...

Hi there Melanie, found your blog by hopping through Leanne's and thought I'd just say a little hello. I'm totally the same about my pillow LOL and hey alot of your others could be mine too. *grin*

Happy birthday wishes to your young ones, all 3 of our munchkins are September born babes so I know what you mean about the happy chaos of close b'day time.

Take care and God bless
Chrissy x

Leanne said...

Hey Chickadee
how is that square punch going LOL

I am a pillow taker too and I have never had a manicure of pedicure either. I pretty much relate to all the stuff you wrote, even the motorbike riding LOL

Have a great day
Leanne xx