Sunday, February 22, 2009

What have I been up to.......

well once I got over my screaming was funny wasn't it. I was actually ok, but just needed to put that on there. I really don't know what happened to the ever organised Mel. My family & house, school etc routine is totally in sync, it is my ME time or should I say scrapping, exercise & relax time that has totally suffered. Not whingeing but getting into a routine is a little hard as Ant trains in the mornings & by the time he is home I have to do the school run & with his work schedule it is kinda hard to have a normal routine. I have to admit I LOVE routine. We have talked about how much this will change when the girls are all at school & how much free time I will have, but with that comes the fact that all my babies are gone. Hence coming up with a different plan. So whenever I can I run, I scrap & I try to ignore those voices that tell me I am behind, I will never catch up, it is not ok to sit down & veg in front of tv, I will get to my guitar, I will finish everything I need to finish!!!! This week I am concentrating on getting some goals accomplished......photoshop course, regular routine of running (at least 3 times if I can), some scrapping & maybe even some sewing & still keep everything house/family wise running smoothly. Here is what I did this week -

I am hoping to do the follow-up course on the 14th March. It is no secret that photography was really how I started scrapping. I would say it was always my first interest. I am sooo excited about what I will be able to do with my photos. Now I just have to get a copy of Adobe Elements 5 to get cracking!!!!

A mini photo shoot with this gorgeous girl (just for fun).

Lots of this with my little ones (in this weather we can't keep them out of the pool)

and then this is why my scrapping mojo has gone out the window I thinketh.....

well that's it for me, happy Sunday, hope you are having a great weekend. M xx


Brittany Snow said...

@Awww!! I love this post, I love how those pics turned out!
I had a blast with you on Saturday, looking forward to the 14th!
Cant wait to see you tomorrow night... Brothers and Sisters baby!!

Sheree said...

Hey I love how the photos came out! Beautiful!

That scrapdesk of yours looks a little like mine! LOL! I'm hoping I find my mojo hidden under the papers in there somewhere...

Chat soon!
Me xx

Nathan said...

buy a shotgun...

Anth I can get you great deals..

rvavic said...

Oh Mel, I hope you have a ball with your photo course, wil be much fun I am sure :)

Your brother is a funny one... just looking at his comment !! His poor neices :)

Your scrap table is WAY too tidy :)

Hugs & Love