Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I do it Myself..........

Those are the words we are continuing to hear from our youngest child. Quite heartbreaking for this mama who has only just had to let go of her middle one to school (& is still reeling I might add). So off came her vest & off she went. NO there was no instruction from Daddy (he was quite gobsmacked)& him & I just laughed our heads off while she put her head down & proceeded to swim without her vest. I am of the opinion (& so was swimmer Daddy) the longer the vest was on the easier for Mummy.......well this little one who is racing to catch up with her sisters, had other ideas!!! I guess this is the sign of things to come......lets hope that her desire to always have her clothes off changes before she is a teenager.....LOL.
Happy Monday M xxx

PS Yes I know my blogging needs to be regular I am trying......more to come soon!!!

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Sheree said...

Wowee Mel.. she is quite amazing!!! Look at her go in those pics!!! She's like a little fish! LOL

Sheree xx