Monday, November 22, 2010

Seaworld..........what a blast

so I had time with my Georgie on Thursday at Seaworld. It was a school excursion they are doing under the sea animals. It would have been nice just to be with her but her two little friends are the loveliest girls & so we all had fun together. We were a little disappointed they had half the rides closed, but needless to say I had to go on the jet ride 4 times as most of the kids were undersize & needed an adult. Mmmm that was interesting & I didn't bother to see the photo, it would have been scary!!

Me and My Girl....

with one of her little friends at the new Castaway Island (its pretty cool)

The girls said the dolphin show was their favourite & I have to admit although we have seen them a number of times, they are SUPER cool, I never tire of watching them. Georgie wants to go swim with them on her birthday, so I think we will see what we can arrange.

We were totally blessed that the rain didn't come until we were leaving & then we all got drenched trying to get to the front. I was so proud of Georgia, she had her birthday money (left over from July) so she bought herself a gorgeous seal but then also bought Lucia and Olivia a big stuffed toy each. She is such a beautiful, generous soul.
Thats it for me today, back soon, have had some projects on the go. Will leave you with a sneak peek of an upcoming class at Creative Scrapbooking.

Me xx


Karen said...

She is a beautiful girl....because of her prayerful, dedicated, beautiful mama :)

PS...I forgot to tell you, that cool flower you made on my book...yeah, Keira ripped it off and ate it :)

Sheree said...

So glad you had such a lovely day together. Georgia is a total sweetie thinking of her sisters like that. :)

Love the sneaky peek! Gorgeous!

S xx