Thursday, June 5, 2008

How Sweet it Is.....

Well it has been a crazy couple of weeks.....Liv turned 2, I saw this gorgeous friend that I haven't seen for 15 years!!! (By the way Al love you girl) It has definately been a year for it catching up with beautiful old friends.....Ant was working lots, had under 8's day with Georgia & the weather has just continued to make us crazy to be inside!! In all of this I haven't really had much time to create or just be. I have promised to reguarly blog seeing this is meant to be my journal type thing (LOL) & so am berating myself for letting that go too.
I will get better. I have been reading some stuff on Ali's blog, which is really challenging me to enjoy the process & tell the story!! This is a constant challenge for me. She is so amazing & REAL. I have discs as she does of photos & stories to tell so much so that it overwhelms me. Then there is all the other stuff out there to try, to experiment, I feel like I will never get there!!! So I leave you with these beautiful photos, hoping you all have a great weekend!! I am off to the Australiasian Scrapbooking & Convention Show....YAHOO, my beautiful husband is having our 3 girls for the whole day & I am going to ENJOY!!! Lots of Love M xx


Brittany Snow said...

i love it when your pushes me....AND, we get to scrap more!! hahaha

i love these photos...Liv cracks me up!!


Your Bro said...

was that the Allison who crashed her car in flip flops in Giralang...??

I so had a crush on her... ha ha ha