Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wondering.................Yet Thankful

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do." Eleanor Roosevelt.
I am wondering have we been taught that we can have it all, do it all & when we can't we feel that we have failed somehow. Have we been so indoctrinated with the power of positive thinking & assertion that when it all doesn't come to fruition what are we left with?? ......Do we ever really know or fully appreciate the reason we are here?? Is it enough to raise our kids without having some title able to be confident in your identity without feeling you need to be somewhere or be SOMEONE??Do we spend enough time doing things we are supposed to, depending on our own personal convictions?? so many questions & wonderings the list could go on & on & on......all wonderings I think maybe of an overtired, overanalysing woman??!! LOL
The last week has been an interesting one......I am always happy & thankful, but occasionally slip into irrelevant thought patterns..... I have extremely high expectations of myself & seem to think I am some kind of superwoman!! I constantly feel that I do not measure up!!! I do not have these of anyone else in my life just of myself. I definately do not want to pass that on to my beautiful girls. Sometimes in the monotony of everyday life I think about lots of things & procrastinate (which is not really me)......maybe too much, & sometimes feel overwhelmed with what needs to be done.....some things quite boring & endless. (Lack of sleep does not help with thought processes!!)
I then pull myself together and see that I am incredibly blessed with the love of a Saviour, an awesome husband who loves me, 3 beautiful healthy girls who at times drive me crazy but I just adore!!! That he has restored a beautiful relationship with this gorgeous girl (who is not only beautiful inside & out, but a very talented young woman) & her Mum, way beyond what I imagined!!! (Isn't she gorgeous & she loves my kids, me & scrapping woohoo, what else could I ask for!!) When I look at the incredible blessings I have, I am sometimes embarassed for feeling that way......I really could not have asked for a better life.......with this in mind I leave you with some photos of my amazing family. Just looking at them makes me smile & not think of the insignificant things that you can so easily become wrapped up in!!! Have a great weekend. Love Mx


elizabeth said...

thanks for your comment! girls do rock!!
have a great weekend!

Brittany Snow said...

there is an amazing verse in Joel 2 (pretty sure) that says "god will resotre the years that the swarmming locus have eaten away."
From the moment i layed eyes on this verse it struck something in me. I knew that it was more than a sentense to tell a story, but rather a promise to our family.

Amazing Mel, You do not have to be anyone but who you want to be... and who youve felt youve been called to be. and. whats great is that you have your whole life, filled with fun memories, laughter, hard times, God times, scrapbooking and family, to figure it all out.

We (your incredibly good-looking family) love so much!

Melanie B said...

thanks beautiful love you too....xxxx

Sheree said...

Hi Mel! Hope you're having a wonderful week! Love the photos!

Sheree xx

Leanne said...

Yah I found your blog!!!!! Thanks for commenting on mine otherwise I would never have found yours. Didn't realise how much we had in common Mel, really should get together for a cuppa one day
Love your blog too, it is fabulous

Leanne :)

::Bek Geach:: said...

Love, you ARE too hard on yourself... but your ramblings and minds wanderings could well be my very own LOL!
Love you.
I hope Lu is feeling much better as I write this, 27th July.