Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back..........and soon to be cranking.......

Hello hello I am back. Just a few things to share today. Some photos from our trip away......

Watching a HUGE thunderstorm

Storytime with Daddy

Ants Stash (13 Gold Medals)

And a little something I have been doing........this is a pattern from this incredibly talented Janelle & this gorgeous friend Sheree was amazing & stayed up till all hours helping me to finish it. Now I have done one I am a bit addicted & plan on making quite a few more plus a bag. Great little chrissy presents & very easy to make!!! Plus it is a break for something a little different & creative.

Hope you are having a great week!! Happy Thursday. Me xx


::Bek Geach:: said...

That is a LOT of medals :)
I love your cute little book too, sweet as!

Moira said...

Cute little book! It's the problem we have with being craft - going out and buying presents just doesn't cut it anymore. Have fun making them all!!

Brittany Snow said...

Awww mel, these pics are so cute!!!! The girls look so little next to Anth!!
Love you!

Janelle Wind said...

Hi there, I just popped over here from Leanne's blog and found that you have made my Thelma journal cover - all I can say is WOWEE - it looks gorgeous. So glad you enjoyed making it x Janelle