Saturday, November 8, 2008


Hello hello......I am here finally with lots to tell you.
I am so excited to be starting this tomorrow...

You know it seems like I don't have enough time to do what I have to do, but I was really interested when I saw this. It looks fantastic & I am hoping that it will help me get organised & not miss all those stories that need to be told.
On the home front, we have been really really busy & of course the first thing out the window is my blog & my scrapping, which I know really shouldn't happen, but my family is a priority!!! We have been doing lots of fun relaxing things & as Ant is on holidays time to just chill. The last couple of days we have been putting crab pots down & guess what?? we got some!! I looove them but the girls had their first try & didn't like it at all (except Liv of course). They prefer expensive prawns & bugs. That's ok they love fresh fish & the whole concept of going canoeing with Daddy & putting them down. I love that they love the simple things in life. It is getting warmer up here & so of course all they want to do is get in the pool. Here is some shots as it is warming up.

Lots has been happening in the last days that I can't even remember what has happened. Had a baby shower for our gorgeous friends Nat & Ric & since I didn't post on that they up & had her. Her name is Hannah Grace & she is gorgeous (Nath this photos is for you & Kaz). This beautiful little girl was 3 1/2 years in the waiting. Nat did awesome & we have another girl in the mix. Woohoo.

Also this week Georgia had careers day at school. It was a big decision, as she wanted to be a Doctor by day (a baby one of course) & Ballerina by night. Such a crackup!!! I love that they believe they can do anything at this age & maybe if we keep encouraging them they might just do it. She had a great day. It was also World Teachers Day & we did a little special thing for her teacher. I wanted her to concentrate on something positive rather than Halloween. It still amazes me that people get so into now in Australia. (Anyway I won't go into here but needless to say I have quite strong opinions on it.) We got a photo & used our trusty circle punch, took a photo & made it the centre of a flower, then popped it on a pop stick & put it in a beautiful potted climbing rose......Georgia then wrote her a letter & said "thanks for helping me Grow>>" It was sooo cute. (Thanks to this girl who is totally full of good ideas) it went off beautifully & Mrs Glass said it made her day. Will have to get a photo of the two of them. For a scrapper I am totally hopeless at taking my camera everywhere!!! I need one of those little ones I can carry in my bag!!!

Then I had the little ones hair cut. They were so gorgeous & sat so still. It was Liv's 1st haircut & Lucias 2nd. I have never seen Liv so quiet or still!!

So that is me for the moment, be back soon with some more updates & some things I have been working on. Take care, have a great weekend. Love Me xx


Moira said...

You're a busy girl! The gift for the teacher sounds lovely - so thoughtful. I totally agree with what you said about the simple things, we really need to encourage kids to enjoy life rather than stuff. Keep up the good work!

Sheree said...

Awww.. isn't little Hannah adorable?! Love the pics of the girls too Mel. Catch you soon!

Sheree xx

::Bek Geach:: said...

Well I am so glad to see you back... I have missed you.
Totally respect your need to embrace your family time 100%.
Cant wait to see you.... teddeeeheeahhh!
Bek so