Thursday, November 13, 2008

A LO ............... & a fairytale complex......

I know I know it has been a couple of days, always lots happening in the Brewin household, & at the moment am doing it solo. Lots of time for scrapping supposedly.....LOL
Here is a LO I did for our November competition over at Heaven-Sent. Very simple & I tried an 8.5x11. I like this size it is quick & easy.

Today I thought alot about the holiday season & decided that I have a fairytale complex!! (plus I want to do too many things before christmas LOL). I think deep down I want everything to be like cinderella. I think deep down I have always had this thing of having a huge family that got on!!! Fancy that. Big dinners with lots of food, music, laughter, children, a marriage that lasts 50 or more years & you still dig each other?? ........not one person trying to get attention, no-one cranky or peeved at someone, worrying about little insignificant things that really have the care factor of a 0, lots of love & no criticism!!! So I decided that I am going to build what I always wanted with my 3 girls. I want them to come home for dinner every week-end even when they are 30 with their own kids, I want them to ring me & tell me exciting news, I want them to not necessarily think we are cool, but want to spend time with us as they love communicating & having relationship with us, I want them to want to do coffee with Dad & shopping with Mum, I want them to ask us what we think but not necessarily care what our answer would be, but that they value our opinion. Do you think I am dreaming?? In this world of technology & cyber communication, can real relationships, no holds barred truly exist??? I believe that you train a child up in the way they should go & they will not depart from it. I pray that my girls will not only come to know Jesus but that they will be beautiful human beings that want to help & care for other people. I know that we won't be perfect but I hope that I can at least pass on some of the things that my Dad & Mum taught me!!! There is nothing like FAMILY, however dysfunctional!!
Just some ramblings of a mama. Not much else going on here except trying to get some work & christmas stuff done.
Hope you have a great thursday.
Me xx


Sheree said...

I'm hearing you!! All we can do is bring our kids up the best that we can and hope that it all comes true... time will tell! LOL In the meantime we can hope can't we?

Sheree xx

Brittany Snow said...

This can be a reality.. No family is perfect because no human is perfect but i secretly think that in the inperfection of our lives we can build and stand on strong choices that make... choices to build good, realationships...

I love you, and put it this imperfect as my family is... I have luch with Dad 5 days a week and I have trouble shopping without my mum!!!

love you Mel!!


::Bek Geach:: said...

I hear you too :)
Thankfully we have our own little families to enjoy.