Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am 37..................scary.......

Well I definately don't feel that old that is for are some things of me at 37....

1. I am still married to Ant after 16 years & still absolutely adore him (& him me)
2. I am mum to 3 gorgeous, vivacious & sometimes cheeky girls.
3. I love thai, indian (any sort of asian food actually), italian actually I love food.
4. I am more confident about who I am & who God has called me to be than I have been in my whole life & strengthening each day
5. I will do music again one day!!! Including an acoustic CD.
6. I love photography & recording stories
7. I am sometimes a procrastinator if I don't really want to do something.
8. I love a clean house but hate cleaning
9. I still don't own a dishwasher!!!
10. I desperately miss my dad, my bro & his family & can't wait to see them.
11. I have friends who truly know me but love me anyway!!
12. I would love to run more.

I could go on & on but that is just a few are some pics from my absolutely beautiful day. I was so spoilt & just had such a great week catching up with people I really care about. Apart from the presents the quality time that I had with people would be the high point for me. You see I am a quality time girl - that is my love language. Although gifts was way down my list of love languages I have to say it was really nice to be so spoilt. As it was one of my closest friends birthday next week we decided to celebrate together......we went to Tuk Tuk Thai (yum). (these two girls are two of my closest friends, I love them more than I could say, they are two incredible women)

and then Ruthie had bought us this.....

And here is some pressies......

My bracelet.....

I actually got a lot more presents than this but I would be here all day with pictures of them.....LOL.....each one of my charms on my bracelets was given to me by someone I really care about so they have a lot of meaning.
I am one year older, don't really feel it, but I am sure I look it. LOL Me xxx


Sheree said...

So glad you had such a wonderful day and had a bit of spoiling... you deserve it!!! Gorgeous bag... and look at that bracelet! It'll be full before you know it!

Me xx

Karen said...

Sounds like you had a great week Mel.