Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Get Real Baby.....

see the new widget, well I have decided as part of my new blog this is something I am keen to do. I have stated before I am not a journaller & definately am not a person who puts their personal life up for everyone to see, I also don't like sharing personal stuff. I have decided though that this thing called life needs to be shared. The ups and downs, the good and the bad and also to record stuff for my kids to know the journey we have come on, and to have a record of things they/we did. I would also love to be able to encourage people, that some days it is really hard to find the blessing & the joy in the mundane. Sometimes we don't think we are making a difference & this job of motherhood is so often downplayed!!!
We do not have to have a generation of uncommunicative, resistant to change, disrespect for authority, not taking responsibility kids. We can have ones that show compassion, will reach out a hand to help someone, take responsibility, respect those that have been put over them & embrace change!!!
This is my desire for my girls. The book I am continuing to read on 'Growing Great Girls' tells you to think about the sort of 20 year old you want to have.
Thought provoking really for these times. I will be pondering over that for sure!!!

Me Out xxx

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