Friday, July 10, 2009

She turned 7.....

wowsers I cannot believe it.

What can I say about my oldest girl. She is the most amazing little human being. Sometimes the responsibility of raising her is overwhelming, but I really want her to know that I think she is awesome and an incredible gift.
Some days it feels like I am dealing with a teenager already, but I softly (sometimes harshly) guide her and teach her. She is such a compassionate soul and yet has a strength (that can sometimes be called stubborness) that astounds me. She is a natural people person & leader. She can sometimes be a bit bossy. Most of all I love that she is not too old to give me lots of kisses and cuddles!!! (yet)
Love you Georgie Girl, mummy and daddy are very proud of you!!!

PS just FYI each birthday the girls get to choose what they eat for dinner, what cake they have and what game or movie to play after dinner!! Georgies picks were freddo ice cream cake, burritos and Monopoly. Also Nana (of course), Dave, Tarrie & Ellie came over for cake.


Sheree said...

Wowee... 7 already? Love that pic of her with her cake! She looks like she can't wait to dig in. :)

Sheree xx

Karen said...

Can't believe it....7 already!! Can't wait to see all your little ladies!!