Sunday, August 9, 2009

Conversations with a Three Yr Old....

so we are driving along.......had just been to our local fresh food markets with the livvy girl. She loves wherever I go......most times she is a Daddys girl but at the moment she is stuck to me like glue!!! So we go down just to pick up a couple of things. She is chatting away and says
'mum banana'
'do you want a banana?? where are your manners?? (of course)
'banana please Mum??
'well I can't stop at the moment liv, Mumma is driving??'
'Mum dop' (which is stop in her language)
once again 'I cannot stop the car while I am driving!!!'
Well Mumma Derek stopped!!! (much chagrin & accusing in her voice)
I am like who??? so I said 'what???'
She says 'Derek stopped for Genieveve, he pulled his horse over and stopped!!!'
Ha there you go Mum whats such a big deal pulling over a car and getting her a banana???!!

Me xxx

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Sheree said...

LOL...What a crackup! :)

Sheree xx