Saturday, August 8, 2009


Not many people know but I used to be a BIG reader. I love to curl up in a corner and just escape with a good book. I used to feel that this was kind of lazy and didn't really want to express just how good it made me feel and how much of a break it was. I really want the girls to enjoy this too. Well after a long break (at least 4 years) I am finally reading again. It got kickstarted with the Twilight series (no I am not going into a conversation with this topic, I read it, I like it, that's that!!) about 8 months ago. Here is what I am reading now......I must admit not light, but challenging, interesting & worth it, all the same.
What are you reading at the moment???

Me xxx

PS am having to reread the potty training book as Liv is turning out to be quite challenging with this subject!! Mmmmm the other girls were easy peasy!! Funny how they are all very different isn't it. Not one formula works for all!!


Sheree said...

Me? Well the only thing I'm reading at the moment are scrapping mags! LOL... I just don't get time to read real books! (Except for the Twilight ones of course... hee hee hee)

Sheree xx

Melanie B said...

Hee hee did you see how old that post is?!! Lol I have about 5 posts ready to go and just haven't had time to finish them yet alone scrap!!! Lol

Brittany Snow said...

That looks like one good pile.. xo

rvavic said...

Nice books Mel :)

Me... I TRY to read books... usually only manage when on holdiays :)

I kinda read magazines... flick through them anyways while at Miss Moo's swimming lessons or something like that.

chanel said...

hello luv,
i am sorry we havne't hooked up, maybe send me your address. I will be coming down in september, but if you cannot wait till then, i will mail your necklace ...
i am reading Gucci Mama's at the moment, tell me what Growing great girls is like ... if its worth buying - having three girls and all
i am going to be a better blogger now, so hopefully can keep in touch better
luv chanel

Brittany Snow said...

I love the new page layout thingy Mel... looks really good!!
very very you!