Monday, August 3, 2009

She is always Dancing............

She is such an amazing mix of girly girl but tomboy. I wasn't a real girly girl while I was growing up so it has been quite fascinating for me to watch her. A perfect photo of her would be a tulle skirt with gumboots!!! She loves to dance and wear skirts and yet is just as happy hanging with Daddy fishing or surfing. I hope she will always maintain that healthy mix and know that no matter what she decides to do we will be behind her.

We have just started her back at ballet!! It was a decision that was probably a long time coming. For me I didn't want to be running here there and everywhere after 3 girls. Our family time is guarded quite preciously and along with outer activities & tv everything is in moderation. She does however have a natural talent for it and after months of asking we enrolled her in both jazz and ballet. She is soooo happy. I wait for her and every time she dances she says Mum I could dance every afternoon. that won't be happening but for the moment I am pleased she is doing something she loves, it doesn't interfere with our family stuff and it isn't too expensive (not yet anyway)!!! LOL

May she always dance like no one is watching.

Me xxx

PS yes this photo was taken in the middle of winter on the Gold Coast!!! We didn't know she had worn her swimmers under her tracksuit,yes tracksuit, and ripped it off when the water became too tempting!!! Thanks Daddy.
PPS And yes looking at these photos I think Anthony will be buying a very big gun for her teenage years!!!


Sheree said...

Wow Mel! Those pics of Georgia are fantastic!!!! Can't wait to them scrapped!

Sheree xx

Grandad Gary said...

Aaah the gun thing doesn't work!!! Look what I ended up with!!!!
:) :)

rvavic said...

Such great pics, the colours are so vibrant. Georgia is, of course, gorgeous!!

Brittany Snow said...

Hahaha. I love your dads comment..

These photos of Georgie are so cute! Look at those legs.. "she got em from her mamma"