Tuesday, November 10, 2009

She Does Scrap...........sometimes.....

This photo is of my SIL and me when we were only a couple of months apart with my third & her fifth. She lives 20,000 miles away, & although we only met 7 years ago we get on so well. Not only do I wish I lived closer to Kaz & Nath but also Laura & her family. Who knew!!

This is of Liv who has trouble with her goggles. She always tries to put them on like her big sisters. She is such a little fish.

A family photo at Burleigh Beach taken by a timer.

Can you tell that I LOVE butterflies!!! LOL I am totally in love with martha punches, I now have all her butterfly ones. Aren't they the best.

So that's it for me, have a great hump day!!!

Me xxx


Moira said...

Aaah, but when she does scrap, it's lovely :-) And we seem to share the same passion for Kraft. I get into a little panic when my supply runs low!

Brittany Snow said...

I love these.. I love love the butterflies on Georgies page..

arh, cant wait to be home!

Sheree said...

Well you know I love ALL of these... and I'm glad you've finally blogged them!!! :) What took you so long? LOL

Sheree xx