Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Loving this

blog at the moment......

They are pretty funny and even though some of it is not me, it does make me realise that I so have to get over my fear & loathing of journalling to leave the girls something that they can read & know me a little better. I have wanted to do a book of me for a long time, but I hate photos of myself & am a retard when it comes to journalling, oh well will put that on my to do list. I really want the girls to know that sometimes life isn't easy, advice on how to do some things, & maybe save them some experiences they really don't need to go through. They will probably want to make their own mistakes, but as women we are called to train & help the younger generations (that definately counts my daughters). Hopefully they will want some insight into me & how I was while they were growing up. Hoping that it won't be fodder for them later on. LOL

So that's my share, nothing interesting today. Liv has a fluey thing & the girls are at school. I miss them some days & wish I could get motivated today to make the most of my time. My to do list is growing at a rapid rate!!!

Happy Thursday.

Me xxx


Sheree said...

That's a great blog Mel...saw it just the other day too...good for a giggle that's for sure!

Hope Liv's feeling better soon!

Sheree xx

Karen said...

All the really important things they will know and remember from growing up with you. Your book already has heaps of pages in it:)

rvavic said...

I am sure you are being too hard on yourself (as per usual sweets).
Your girls are gorgeous and they will remember tonnes of things you wont, and visa versa. The beauty of being able to retell and share good memories.
Love You