Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Student of the Week....

Georgia got an award this week, she was student of the week. How cool is that!! We are not pushy at all & we are happy as long as the girls are happy & doing ok. She was so excited and very proud of herself as she has been working really hard. (Plus I have forgotten all the other times both Georgie & lulu got star awards, sorry girls mummy will get better at this) Georgie we love you, you are always a star to us.

On other news well there is not much of that, hence the lack of blogging. We are just cruising along. Taking each day as it comes. I am still applying for jobs & just waiting & trusting that the right doors will open. We are counting down to our trip to the USA and I am still teaching classes each week at Sunbird Scrapbooking in Burleigh. My classes have grown, which is really exciting and the girls who come each week are awesome!!! After my class tomorrow will share some layouts.

Hope you are having a great week. Happy Tuesday.

Me xx


Karen said...

Congrats to Georgia!!! Giver her a big hug from us!!

rvavic said...

Yah Georgia, that's so kewl.

I love how the schools do that, it's so great for the kidlets.

The right doors will def. open for you real soon babes.

So happy for the expansion of your classes. Such fun for you... I'd def. come to one of your classes if I were up there.


Sheree said...

Go Georgia! A huge congrats to a very clever girl! What a great effort!

Sheree xx

Nanna Anne said...

what a great reward you must be doing things right hey? Even tho she tests your patience at times this makes it worthwhile!!!

Suay Mae said...

Good on you Georgia! Very cool! All your hard work is paying off! Big hugs from all of us! Luv nik x