Tuesday, June 1, 2010

She is Four..........

My baby is 4, I cannot believe it. It only seems like yesterday that she was here & we were delighting in our family becoming 5. Our little blessing.

So Livvy at 4.

What is your favourite tv show? Hi 5 & Psalty
What is your favourite movie? Genevieve & Ariel
What kind of pet would you like to have? Bunny Rabbit
Who is your best friend? (or best fwiend as livvy says) Madi
What vegetable do you like best? Corn
What toy would you never give away? Mermaid
What do you take to bed at night? Blankie & pillow
What is your favourite game? Barbies
What is your favourite book? Ariel & the prayer book I read to her every night.
What is your favourite treat? Chocolate (she is a girl)
What do you want do be when you grow up? A big girl (LOL der mum)
What superpower would you like to have? swim under the ocean (see a pattern here)
What do you like for lunch? Baked beans
What makes you mad? taking away my stuff
Where would you like to go for holidays? Disneyland (totally into justice & reform hahahahaha)
What is your favourite music? Hosannah (she loves Brooke)
She loves princess stuff & is quite girly (Ariel & mermaids are her favourite)
She constantly sings, dances & is just full of life.
She loves baked beans & avocado, play doh, cootering (scootering) & almost anything we want to do.
She lights up our life.
She still has trouble with some of her words, but it is sooo cute I just cannot correct her. She will do it in time & I really just want to enjoy her at this age.
She is our little comedian. So hard to go mad at her as she makes us crack up laughing when we get cranky.
She is sensitive & sometimes overreacts to stuff.

So what can I say about this darling girl. She is princess all mixed up with grit. She hardly cries even when she really hurts herself, she is a little bruiser. Sometimes I wince when she hurts herself & want to pick her up but no she dusts herself off & off she goes. She loves being grubby (much to my chagrin). climbing on everything & will always be very tactile. She loves making a mess. She is loving, kind, bubbly, energetic (she makes me tired) & just LOVES those people she loves.

Who would have thought that our world would be full of twirls, giggles, pink, drama, & oh so much love.
We love you precious girl. Happy 4th Birthday.
Love Mama xx


Karen said...

So sweet Mel...and a great blog to remember everything about her!

Leanne said...

Happy 4th Birthday Livvy. I hope your day is filled with loads of love, hugs and happiness.

She is growing up so quick mel, won't be long and she will be heading off to school with her sisters.

xx Leanne xx

Sherrie said...

Happy birthday, miss Livvy! Seems like just the other day I was visiting you two at the Tweed when she was born. Time flies!

She's such a treasured addition to your family and is a breath of fresh air when we see her. Precious! Hope she had a great day! xoxo

rvavic said...

Happy Birthday Liv.
Hugs and LOVE
Bek, Nath, Mikaela, Joshua and Benjamin


Sheree said...

Love that sweet pic Mel! What a great post! I always forget to record these things on their birthday....will have to leave myself a reminder not to be so slack! LOL

S xx