Saturday, June 12, 2010

A tuckered out little girl & her Mama

Well Lucia and I had the big excursion to Brisvegas to see a show, the Mr McGhee & the biting flea. They did a really good job & she was sooo excited to see a book come to life. The kids were all excited about him getting naked, go figure. Thank goodness he didn't!! It was a big day for a 1 hour show, with 60 Grade Ones in tow. I take my hat off to the teachers, they were amazing, I definately couldn't do it. This photo was on our way home on the train. Happy Thursday.
Me xx

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Sheree said...

You must've both been exhausted after your big day out! Hope the show was great!

Sheree xx

rvavic said...

cute pic Mel... sounds like a great day :)

lilienne said...

sounds like fun mellie :) the kids just love going to see real live theatre ,( and so do their mums )