Monday, June 21, 2010

She is 6.........

Our Lulu is 6. I cannot believe it. Where does the time go.

What is your favourite cereal? rice bubbles (this one reminds me of my brother)
What is your favourite tv show? Hojojo
What is your favourite movie? Barbie in a Mermaid Tale
What kind of pet would you like to have? Kitten
Who is your best friend? Gracie
What vegetable do you like best? capsicum
What toy would you never give away? Lulu Bear
What do you take to bed at night? Lulu Bear (& cupcake a doll I made her)
What is your favourite game? Guess who with Georgia
What is your favourite book? Noahs Ark book (a pop up book Nana gave her)
What is your favourite treat? Ice cream
What do you want do be when you grow up? An artist
What superpower would you like to have? to be able to walk on water
What do you like for lunch? fish and chips
What makes you mad? When Liv doesn't ask to play with my things.
Where would you like to go for holidays? To disneyland or the movies, I love the movies!! (lol)
What is your favourite music? Free to Dance & Hosannah

We don't usually make too much fuss, we have a family dinner where the girls get to choose what we have for dinner & then we have a cake for them. Lucia desperately wanted Grace to come down for her cake. She just adores Grace & they are like two peas in a pod.  This year I decided to cook her a proper cake as I had never done one. I made her a tinkerbell house. She loved it. It didn't turn out exactly as I hoped but it was pretty cool. Also this Anthony took her on her own for a daddy date & they watched Shrek 3D and had some special one on one. She was sooo excited. She is a daddys girl.

She is so different from the other girls, so unique. She is a quiet one, likes to play on her own, likes definate things including food, toys, & people!! *grin* She is quietly confident in herself & doesn't really have to have a lot of people around her or friends to be happy, (very like her Dad), she truly is so beautiful. She absolutely LOVES anything bling. Sooo funny & is very definate about what she puts together. Strong yet gentle, quiet yet loud. She can be a perfectionist, but is much cruisier than her sisters. She can carry on sometimes but is more explosive in the moment than holding onto things. She will stay quiet until it is too much then explode, but will be over it once she knows she has been heard. We are gently teaching her to communicate before she gets to that point & that she will be heard. Her thoughts & feelings are just as important as anyone elses. She is just such a delight & balance to the family. She really wants long hair but still has wispy baby hair so we call her feathers. We keep assuring her it will day!!!

Happy Birthday sweet one. You truly are your namesake......Bringer of Light. We couldn't imagine life without you!!! Love you.
Mama xxoo


Leanne said...

Happy Birthday sweetheart, may your day be filled with sunshine and love.

rvavic said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful LuLu...
That Cake is cute as!

Sheree said...

Mel you did such a great job on that cake! It looks fantastic! Lucia must've been over the moon when she saw it!!!

S xx