Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vintage Love....

anyone that knows me knows that have always loved OLD things & making those, old white things LOL. I have always picked up old things & redone them, love finding little treasures with a history. I also love being able to take something & make it into something special. I just so love the whole french shabby chic look. Plus my love for all of those things have definately come back in the last couple of years with sewing, quilting, scrapping, photography while I was having a break from music. Guess it was always there. So my search continues for more little projects. here is a few (I have a beautiful old desk that I am going to do too) that I will be continuing when we get back from the States, along with some other big plans we have. I will once again become the painting nazi!!! hahahahaha.

Aren't these gorgeous (well they will be when I am finished with them) & I have some beautiful fabric to make big cushions for the chair & a beautiful outdoor lounge we also got. It is going to be GORGEOUS!!
Lots of BBQ's, socialising & pool fun just in time for the Summer!!!

At the moment though our concentration will be USA, USA, USA!

We are also excited as we will have most of our family back together, can't wait for Dad to move up. Now all we need is Nath & Kaz (+ 4) & my little world will be complete!!! (:  I really am so blessed, I really do have an amazing life.

I am trying to keep this updated but have been really busy with classes etc & am going on a big day trip with this girl tomorrow. The girls are super excited too, they just adore each other. YAHOO so excited!! Am going to get some stuff to make my beautiful Ruth a quilt for her little girl. I am sooo excited we have a new baby coming along. Mmmm love babies, especially other peoples!!!

So that's me for today. back soon.

Me xx


Sheree said...

Oooh I can't wait to see these when you've made them over!!!

Sheree xx

rvavic said...

Vaguely familiar :)
You go girl... can't wait to see your finished products.
Vintage ROCKS!!

Nathan said...

yes.. focus on the upcoming trip.. you need to buy me lots of candy..

hey let me know what you can find for a nice set of Camo Boardshorts.. I want the billabong style you know longer legs.. more baggy...

Karen would love a set of board shorts too.. so figure out with her what size would work...