Friday, December 3, 2010

Awards, Teachers Gifts, Parties and Holidays.......

so the girls have finished school........yay........but of course before it ends, crazy times. We have had concerts, awards presentation night, breakup parties.........and so on.
Little Miss Georgia got a pretty big academic achievement award & was presented at the night with the whole of the primary school. It was a surprise as we just don't push the girls. As long as they are happy & doing well, that is all we worry about. She is an amazingly capable girl & does great at whatever she puts her mind to. We were very proud of her, not in a way, oh look at her, look at her, but that she tried her best & did really well. Her teacher is amazing & told us that she loved teaching Georgie that she was a delightful, beautiful girl to teach, and that she would really miss her next year. That makes my little heart sing. It is not how well they do, but how they treat people & their character that we worry about!! Here is a photo of her with her award

with her beautiful teacher Mrs Maleham

(they had to go as a Under the Sea character, so Georgie went as Ariel)
Lucia also got a character award. She is such a character, our Lulu. She is the youngest in the class & has maintained all her work at a high standard. Her teacher said the same, that Lulu was a delight to teach & she would really miss her next year, although Lulu is quiet, reserved & very serious!!! LOL
Once again we are only worried about her character & how she treats people.
I am not really into awards being given to younger kids, as I think this is the worlds way of introducing them at a young age, to the worlds idea of success, achievement, expectations & how you should be, but we were very proud of the girls. Here she is with her teacher Mrs Richmond

doing their concert

And with her best friend Gracie

These two are sooo cute together. Gracie is one of the only people that gets Lucia to smile in photos. Gracie went in Israeli costume (they were meant to be in costumes from around the world) but of course Lucia being Lucia didn't want to wear a costume!! LOL.

we also did some teachers gifts (silly Mummy forgot to take photos of one of them) but I had made some journal covers for their prep teachers two years ago & decided I already had a couple cut out I would do those again. They turned out awesome & we bought them a gorgeous pen that said "a very special teacher" and also a journal to put inside. The Teachers assistants I did up some lolly jars with Lindt chocolates in them. They absolutely loved the gifts & the girls were excited as they said they would use them for bible covers if not for the journal.

All in all it was a great end to the year & I am so happy they are on holidays now. We get to sleep in, relax, do all our daily december stuff. It is going to be a SUPER busy couple of weeks till christmas.
I am planning on doing my december daily this year, go here to see what it is all about, so I am taking photos like a crazy woman. As I said this week was a bit nuts, we had our Mum's group chrissy party, had an afternoon with Ruthie, Gracie & Jaz and lots of other stuff, including a big clean up day with Ant while the girls were still at school. Whew a big week. Have to fit some shopping in somewhere as being away overseas sort of put me behind. Here is a photo of Georgie with Jaz (she was soooo excited, she totally keeps nagging me for another baby!!!).......

That's it for me today, we have a big weekend lined up with Carols at Myer (watching Ruthie) and then dinner, then Sunday the big Varsity Carols (praying it doesn't get rained out). Happy Friday.

Love Me xx


Nanna Anne said...

I think all my girls are talented call me biased but i don't say things i don't mean,clever granddaughters and very clever talented mother too!

Sheree said...

You must be SO proud of how both of your beautiful, clever girls have gone at school this year Mel! Love the photos...and your teachers' gifts look fabulous!!

Sheree xx

Karen said...

So crafty Mel :) Beautiful girls of course. More shopping? I would have thought you did enough here to last you a few years :)

Brittany said...

I love love love those gift tags! They looks great mel! xx