Monday, December 20, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas......& the {real} reality

  • I am only slightly organised for Christmas {well pressies are done, just need to be wrapped & put under tree}, still have to go grocery shopping with all the hoards of people on Christmas Eve.
  • Thanks to some thoughtful people at church, two of the girls are sick, oh what fun!!
  • Am looking forward to Anthony having the whole of Christmas off {first one in 8 years} & my Dad coming up from Canberra {we love our time with him}
  • Am really trying not to miss my family in the USA
  • Realizing that some of my expectations at this time will not be met, am finally getting over it and am setting about starting my {own} family traditions & memories.
  • I LOVE christmas but it is hard to keep that christmas spirit with so many crazy people around
  • Am loving being creative {having the time} to use up some of that material & scrapping stash it always satisfies my soul to create. I have a new crush, it is called "jelly rolls" & "layer cakes"
  • Am treasuring the time with the girls in this beautiful season, soaking up their excitement, wonder & sheer joy at the little things. I am so thankful for them.
Happy whatever day it is!!! LOL

Me xxx

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Karen said...

Working with my new love, "the charm pack" is giving me free "jelly rolls"...right around the mid section :)