Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The New Me.....

in style with keeping up with this bloggie thingie as promised, a new way of doing things......bullet points.....

  • busily preparing for Christmas with joy & peace{really trying as we are surrounded by crazy cranky people, I mean come on everyone knows at Christmas time it takes approx an extra 2 hours to get ANYTHING done, get over it, deal with it & put a smile on your face!!}
  • Will the girls notice if I don't do the prepared things like shortbread, gingerbread house & craft, when it is too hot to put on the oven??
  • the girls are turning brown before our eyes, even though it is raining non stop & we are turning into ducks, they still go in the pool cause as Livvy says, we are already wet Mama.
  • have numerous social events to go to, which means "oh no what the heck am I going to wear" as I do not have any excuse for my baby fat, as my baby is now 4 years old!!!
  • making great dinners is not really on my list of priorities while I am trying to organise presents, christmas day food & find something for the girls to do everyday in this rain.
  • has piles of material just calling my name, but the chocolate, couch & Rescue Me wins out everytime.
  • And No girls for the millionth time, Mummy does not have another baby in her tummy!!! {wishful thinking on their part}
  • photos schmotos...........trying to remember to take these, but seriously am not dressing the girls up, make them look decent, when bedhead & pjs are sooo much easier.
  • chocolate is definately a good breakfast alternative........isn't it???

Me xxx


Karen said...

Love you, AND your bullet points!
* Fabric should always have first priority!
* Playdoh when it rains
* There's always an excuse for the belly over's called American Food :) maybe you should move
* Livia is a very wise girl
* Just say no to them all and stay home
* Kids always remember PJ days
* At least you have a camera!!! Dang Vegas!!

Leanne said...

Love the new format Mel,
Hey who cares about the baby fat, my baby is now ten and I STILL have it there lol.... Am starting my personal training after Christmas though as Stuart is "concerned" that maybe it is not healthy - yeah right he just doesn't want a wife whose belly is getting bigger than her boobs....
Glad to hear that the girls are enjoying their holidays. The surgeons have given Em the ok to swim now so that has made her a lot happier although she is not allowed to dive or jump incase she breaks the jaw again.

Oh and finally CONGRATULATIONS on 18 years, what an awesome accomplishment