Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do I think I can do it....

a photo a day that is. I am trying to make this blog into more of a journal into our life. I figure if I have to make it into a book the girls aren't real interested in rubbish!!! LOL. So I will try!!!

There is lots happening around here. Homeschooling is going well. Some days I feel very overwhelmed with what I have to achieve and wonder whether I can really do it all. Sometimes I do think how easy I had it, sending them off to someone else to have that responsibility and I would have free time with Liv, so I could scrap, sew, do lunch. Heeeeeee.
Then there is the flip side, our family unit. We are spending heaps of time together and doing things we wouldn't get to do, with Ant being on shift work & the girls going to school.
We generally do our schooling in the morning and our schedule is that, a schedule. The girls seem to thrive when they know what we are doing, where we are going with a little playing in between. I shouldn't be surprised their Mama is a bit like that too. I have realised I like order, like knowing where I am going, what I am doing, how well I am doing & usually not really living up to my own expectations. I guess that is why at the moment with so many things in limbo, I am struggling!! I know this is a time that I am needing to trust God & His plan for us on this incredible journey that we call life. I want the girls to know that it isn't all fun, laughter & games, that sometimes it is hard work, tears & frustration. Some days more tears than others. They are growing into delightful young girls, although some days I question that I am even doing a good job at all. (ha especially when I ask them where their manners are & they tell me they are on holidays) and when Liv tells me I am so her still cute baby voice.

These meandering I think will always be "the mother" in me along with the woman of "am I enough, can I be enough". I want the girls to know that perfection is not the goal!!! We cannot get everything right. With that in mind I take each day juggling, some some days & lots other days.......hoping and praying and holding on tight!!!!

Here is a photo that I love this is my  (2) photo day today LOL (please excuse they are iphone photos). The girls LOVE the beach, like LOVE the beach. If they can go surfing with Daddy they are happy. Georgie is a really strong swimmer (much to my dismay) LOL and loves to go out in the big waves with daddy. She astounds me, NO FEAR!!! This has become our afternoon delight. When Ant finishes his training he takes the girls to play and I {run} more on that later. I realise when I don't, I get cranky. LOL. Yep believe it or not happy friendly Mel gets cranky!!!

Love Out.
Me xx

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Sheree said...

We all have good and bad days...but you really are doing an awesome job with the girls Mel. Be proud of what you've accomplished already!

Sheree xx