Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP (Works in Progress) Wednesday

So my girlfriend Sheree suggested I go along with her on a couple of subjects (you know to keep my butt motivated to blog & get things done) gotta love girlfriends like her!!! So here are some projects I am & will be working on once I have my homeschooling stuff sorted & out of the way!!!

Quilts - Some ongoing projects & probably more to add (3 quilts & 2 tablerunners)

Project Life - I am not doing this in the traditional sense at the moment. I decided after seeing some that the girls first years of their life really needed doing. (I had done some albums up with photos & they looked at them so much they were falling apart). It was totally doing my head in with the thought of never catching up on their photos scrapping. Big job I tell ya. I am wired that way, it gets to me not having things completed. It has been a real mind shift to change to simple scrapping, tell the story & not worry too much about design/product. Not only is it using up my old scrapping stuff, the reaction of Ant when he saw my first couple of pages made it sooo worth it. He was more excited about those than my other scrapping, so I am thinking it is an awesome thing. Looking at the photos brings so many good memories too. I am planning to do this to catch up, our USA trips (was doing a photobook but this was time consuming & annoying), Moreton & Fraser Island trips. The best thing is I really feel I can keep it up, it won't be a UFP. Yay.

(these pages are unfinished but you get the idea)

Why don't you share what WIP you have happening at the moment, we would love to see. Back friday with some Friday Family Favourites (another Sheree idea yeehah).


Moira said...

My Project Life is my WIP all year :-) Such a good feeling to have it documented as I go through the year though - I'm staying focused on one day at a time this year, always journalling before the day is out, and printing my photos once a week - I have a Thursday night date with my lovely Big W photo gal!

And I really must get onto some UFOs like Week In The Life 2011 (all journalled and photographed, just needs compiling) and a holiday mini album from 2009 - album all set up, photos all printed, just have to compile it too!)

Wish me luck :-)

Sheree said...

Yay your first WIP post! I'm looking forward to seening your PL pages coming togther along with your other WIP projects. Looking good Mel!

Sheree xx