Friday, February 1, 2008

1st day of Prep

Well she did it.....the first day, no tears, just happy mum and happy girl. She was so excited we had everything ready including her two sisters by 7.45am. She was like 'come on mum lets go' but we had to wait for Daddy to come home from night shift so he could come's a very exciting day. I was very impressed with myself for not crying cause she is like my first baby leaving her mama. She actually said to me, Mum you can't cry you have two other kids to look after!!! what a crackup she is. Such a little treasure, so ready to take on the world and grow up.
anyway here is a photo for you, I think she looks gorgeous!!!! Am out tonight for some time out watching a movie and dinner, I had forgotten what that was like!! Am so excited!!! Go Nana, who is minding the troops while DH is away for 3 days on a bucks week-end.........Apart from tonight I am hoping for some EXTREME catch up scrapping time.....Yippee Mx


Brittany Snow said...

she looks so grown up!!

Melanie B said...

she does doesn't she, still can't believe it, only like yest I was having her!! Mx