Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oops A Bit Late - Valentines

......Mmm yes a bit late, but isn't this the cutest!!! Georgia is so creative.......she loves doing craft & I can see it will be a challenge when she is older that she isn't stealing all my craft stuff.....I absolutely love it, she is so confident & secure in who she is..... this took me until 35!!! Here is a photo of the gorgeous card she made me and also a mini book that she made about 2 weeks ago. You do not realise how much they take in, I have been talking scrap talk for the last couple of weeks, anyway lo and behold, I go in the kitchen - "what are you doing George"........"I am making a mini book and then teaching people how to make it!!" what a cutie. So talented.

It really makes you think of the simple things. We can get so caught up in our lives and forgot how truly blessed we are..........when we are complaining about the weather, there are people all over the world fighting for survival. My heart cries out (I deplore injustice) for those mothers who cannot feed their babies and live in constant fear......I am surrounded by pictures of beauty & yet somewhere in our world there is despair & is in these times that I know I cannot sit idly by and not do anything, I cannot live a self absorbed life, wanting more, expecting more......I want to give in this life, I want to make a difference, I want Jesus's name to be famous not my own......I want my girls to realise that they are privileged, that they are loved & to always look outward rather than not be influenced by our modern day babylon of self absorption, materialism & greed..........I want them to live,laugh and love......

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Brittany Snow said...

beautifully beautifully written!