Thursday, February 21, 2008

She Has Attitude......

This is our youngest Olivia, I still cannot believe she is 20 months, where has that time gone. I have been quite clucky (crazy me) so am looking forward to one of my girlfriends having a baby.....(seeing that Sheree had to move to China) I love the smell, the chubby fingers & toes & basically everything of a newborn (except of course the sleepless nights). So anyway she is quite a strong, determined little thing & definately knows what she wants, this can be quite challenging sometimes, but I gather that God has thought I was strong enough to shape this little one. Here she is in Daddy's garage & she is actually clean (which is like a miracle) holding this little elmo that is very annoying!!! She loves it. I am definately challenged to finish these little treasures albums & try & catch up on my scrapping!! I have so much to do & I keep getting sidetracked by all this new product - NO mel you don't need it. I just can't seem to help it, it all looks UNREAL. K & co have some beautiful new stuff out especially if you have a girl, check it out & all the other stuff from CHA. Oh what a dream to go to one of those conferences. Anyway I will leave you with this gorgeous photo of her that sums up her personality.
My words for the day from Beth Moore -
Constantly thinking little of ourselves is still thinking constantly of ourselves.
Be blessed lovelies. Mx

PS 3 of the pages in my stuff were classes (flourish 1 & family) that I did at The Scrapyard with Sandra Cadzow (very talented), I will have more original stuff to show soon.

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