Monday, May 5, 2008

Marvellous Maya

Here is a mosaic of the layouts done for my design team at Maya Memories. Go HERE and check out what is there, it is great!
Happy Monday sweets. Mxx
PS it is a public holiday up here so nice relaxing day in order!!! By the way I am a bit computer illiterate so I haven't got all this stuff down yet....there are 3 other LO just not sure why they aren't showing up!!!

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Sheree said...

These look great Mel! I especially love the one with the little birdie... too cute!

Hope you've enjoyed your long weekend!

Sheree xx

Melanie B said...

thanks sheree I appreciate was definately a challenge.
Hope you had a great long week-end too, we were pretty busy now all back on board!! Was going to say to you when I saw you, that we should do a swap - ant could show the boys the fire trucks & Paul could show him helicopters!! LOL Ant thought this was a funny idea, remind me to tell you about it when I see you. Have a great week.