Saturday, December 20, 2008

It Was HUGE..........

Well my dates are all mixed up now, but I wanted to post about my Heidi weekend. It was absolutely fabulous. Only bummer was I didn't get to spend much time with this gorgeous chick!!! But I know all is not lost, we will catch up soon. It started the night before with the retailers was soooo cool but Heidi has said we can't share the details so that will have to wait till later. Needless to say we had a hoot & as there were only about 35 people there it was intimate & very KEWL!! The next day was psycho to say the least.......but FANTASTIC. There just didn't seem to be enough time to learn all I needed to learn & spend time chatting & eating it was work work work. Chanel & Heidi did a fantastic job & as it was my first time at one of these events it was quite overwhelming!! They made it a lot of fun but also warm & open. Thanks girls.
Here is some photos from the events -

I didn't actually get any at the actual event Create 08 Saturday session but you can go here to see some of Beks photos from the day. Have a great Saturday. Me xx

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Sheree said...

How cool was it!!!!!!? So glad we went together!!!

Me xx