Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Wedding Anniversary.........

Well it has been a long time between posts.......whew so this is the start on the
5th it was our 16th wedding anniversary. We decided not to go away & just have some time to ourselves. We went to watch this & then went to dinner here. It was the most beautiful night. I absolutely adore this man God gave me. We have so much fun together & we just ate & chatted & enjoyed the night. It was fun just the two of us, no kidlets screaming & asking for something, just adult convo & beautiful food. Heaven really!!! Here is a pic from the night.

Will be back soon with SOOOOO much more to share. I feel like everything has gotten away from me. Cards, presents to send overseas, presents here, etc etc, so far behind, but am just going to take it one day!!! Love Me xx

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Karen said...

Congrats on your Wedding anniversary Mel