Saturday, January 17, 2009

Am Trying............Very Trying

I am determined to keep up with blogging this year, not a resolution but just a promise to myself to not miss all the little things. I am not a good journaller & reading some of Ali's older posts I realise that I really miss a lot of the stories behind the photos. Although the photos are great I think that we sometimes get caught up in the product & the actual doing rather than the incredible story behind a lot of the photos. So I am trying to start & be more regular & record all the little things in our life. I cannot commit to the 365 project but am going to do my best to keep up to date in our daily life so that the girls have something that they can remember. rather than just a pretty photobook.

The girls constantly crack us up, the things they come up with. Their little minds are like sponges & it is amazing what comes out of their little mouths. I have to remember to type it all, don't worry I won't share everything!!! LOL.

Today very sad Liv now does not call Ariel "ah ah" (this is what she used to call all princess dolls), she now uses the appropriate name for them. So sad, she is starting to talk so much now. She told me today that she is a big girl & "I do it myself" in her cute baby talk. OMG she makes me want to cry,so independant. Not so much so with the toilet though.Goes like this:
Mummy: said if you are a big girl you do poos on the toilet......
Liv: I am a big girl she says,
Mummy: well big girls do poos on the toilet,
she looked at me & said put my nappy on I a baby!!!! So funny!!!
I think she is 2 going on 20.

Lucia told me I was a stepmother & I was disgusting!!! (she had been watching Cinderella) well that went down real well. She was not happy that their computer game & TV got confiscated as they were fighting. I said back to her, that's ok Mummy loves you & you still aren't having the computer game or TV.

Georgia just tries to negotiate & put on a sullen face thinking that it will manipulate me, even though she knows I ain't budging!!!

Some days it is a constant battle but others just a delight. I try to remember those times & not get too weary with the consistency & discipline. Some days I would just like to let it go, but I know that I will pay for it later on!!!

So here are some photos of the girls from Amy's party, Rach & Mitch bought their two little puppies Cooper & Chopper & of course the girls loved them. I don't mind animals, just not in my house, but the girls LOVE them. Anything they love & will want to pat. Today the puppies just slept in their laps & totally chilled. The girls were stoked. They were pretty cute. Silly me (who is probably pining for another baby) agreed to babysit them in a couple of weeks. I always think it is easier if they are someone elses LOL.....not much else to share at the moment. Love Me xx

PS. I did go & see Twilight with this gorgeous girl & have to say I am totally hooked!! Must be my preteen-premenopausal stage!!!


Brittany Snow said...

WOW. I love this post. The girls look so gentle with the puppies... Youre doing an amazing job mel!!
I love twlight. I love quillting, they were giving me a hard time about it, but strangely I DONT CARE... they miss out!!
love you!

Brittany Snow said...

Mel, I love you. Youre the one who seems to pick up the pieces from these battles and with your fancy sewing machine, you sew me back together. I love being your family!

Sheree said...

Ahhh..yes. The funny things they do and say! I need to start writing down more too. Love the pics of the girls.. and cute puppies!

Sheree xx

rvavic said...

I totally get what you mean about capturing the story behind the photo... I feel I miss that at times.

You've done well to capture them here sweets :)