Friday, January 23, 2009

Incredibly Blessed........

Not often days are sent along to remind us how incredible some of the people are in our lives. Today I totally fell in love with my hubby all over again. I mean who else would get up at 1am in the morning while their wife was throwing her guts up, telling him to go back to bed as he has to work tomorrow saving people, & proceed to get me some magic stuff called painstop & give me the correct dosage, all the while holding back my hair!!! I mean what a man!!! Not one word of complaint & then was going to stay home from work, but another incredible person being Mum offered to stay all day with me & watch the kids, she was awesome. I do not know how people could have this on a regular basis, I am not a good sick person, that is for sure. I thought I had food poisoning but as it turns out was migraine slash dehydration!!! I also realise that as good as the drugs were that they gave me today, I am much too much of a control freak to ever touch the stuff willingly!!! Another beautiful person in my life, Ruthie then came down, grabbed my two older girls & took them out to the movies!! Now this is a precious life!!! I did not hear them all coming & going at all. I just wanted to say thanks to those precious three, my life would not be the same without you in it. Love Ya xx

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