Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Year........with New Resolutions......HAH

Well it has been an interesting start to the year..... I started this blog mainly for my fam in the USA & also for people to view my scrapping (for DT work).....I have been pretty slack & after reading my darling SIL blog (that she started for us too) I am challenged to actually write things down about the kids. I have been trying to write them down when they say them in my journal but most people who know me know I DON'T JOURNAL!!! I just don't have the time & really before now haven't had the inclination, all that time & feelings etc LOL. Plus I was very cautious about putting my true feelings out there on a blog for everyone to see. So everytime I read her posts I just crack up & realise that our kids are somewhat similar (it might have something to do with my crazy brother & me being related plus the other parent is hilarious as well). They seem to have such character!!! Go here if you want to check it out. I adore these guys & some days I get so sad missing their lives (so thanks Kaz I LOVE IT!!!) Anyway onto some sharing......Christmas was crazy yet relaxing all rolled into that possible??? Every day the kids seem to just crack me up laughing!! Little Liv is definately our clown......she has started folding her arms & walking away saying huhmmm with a little toss of her head mmmmm wonder who she is copying!!! I think God knew that having kids a little later I would have the confidence to deal with them properly. I am half mad half laughing at her cause she is so dang cute & she is the same as Jentzen when she is going to get in trouble she will do something funny to take your attention off that fact that you are mad or try to kiss you & say lub you Mama!!! They have been constantly in the pool as here in Oz it is boiling while you guys are trying to get warm over there we are sitting in air conditioning or being beached whales in the pool....
The other day the kids were watching Lazy Town, which is this pretty cute show about Sporticus (he is really fit only eats fruit & vegies & is an amazing acrobat) they just love is a mixture of puppets & real people. Sporticus actually really reminds us of our French friend Yves as he can never sit down & is always doing something.....anyway on this one episode they are trying to make him take a vacation, (just for 1 day mind you)& buy him a deck chair & get him some music & a book (heaven that sounds like to me) well he can't sit still & says I just can't do this sit around all day doing nothing (in a french accent) I need to do something....well the girls turned around to me & said Oh Mummy you could do that all day couldn't would love it!!! Gee whizz I think they think I am the lazy half of this relationship!!! It was so funny!!! well the darling other half thought so too......he cracked up laughing......hence they also bought me a huge inflatable lounge for the pool with drink holders & everything.....I mean what are they trying to say to me!!!!

So my posts won't be as funny as my american counterparts but I won't try & compete cause seriously their writing is so much more interesting, but I decided that there is things I miss in scrapping that really I should put on here so the girls know just how good things were when they were little, how much I loved them & was scared that I was doing a good job, that I had taught them enough, that I had set an example that was worth following. My heart for each of my girls is that they will be confident in themselves & who God has made them to be, want to come home for dinner every weekend just to hang with Mum & Dad, that they will find men who love God & will treat them right but also bring out the best in them, that they will love each other unconditionally & that they will serve God with all their hearts. I know I will make mistakes with them, I will probably cry over them & for them & I know that there will be hard times & good times, but most of all I want for them to have a loving stable family & enjoy the simple things in life. Well that is my deep post for today. Love Out Me xx

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