Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just to Share......

Look what this gorgeous girl bought me for Christmas.....she knows me so well & this book is beautiful!! It has started my bug for sewing again. It is an organic, french sewing book. What else can I this woman!!!

I also got this......
isn't it cute??

This will just be a quick one as my days at the moment have been limited on the computer. My Dad is visiting & we are trying to spend time all together & get things done around the house!! I have also just put some of my DT stuff below. Heaven Sent is an amazing website you should go check it out. Ingeborg (my ever patient & understanding boss) runs a tight ship that has lots of exciting comps etc going. This month for January we have a great comp going for a $25 voucher, so go & have a go. Love Out Me xx


Leanne said...

Love your layouts Mel and I sooo love the pressies that you got. That little tool bag is just way too adorable.
I am not going to be around all that much on the computer as my family needs me to be with them. I have been neglecting them too much. It is amazing how you seem to slowly spend more time on the computers than you spend with them. I didn't realise until they said something one day.
Anyway I hope 2009 is a blessed and prosperous year for you and your beautiful family. Take care and we will catch up real soon.
Leanne xxx

Brittany Snow said...

Coooool Book!! someone must reeeeally love you!

So looking forward to quiltting with you... (patchworking)
i love you a lot and I found a cool quote today that I thought youd like...

'We spend so much time smoothing things out, we lose the opportunity for change, or for texture or creativity.

Instead of working so hard to make everything okay, perhaps it is more helpful to work hard at living with a world that rarely is.'

Sheree said...

Loving those BG layouts girl!! :)

I can't wait to see that gorgeous book of yours if the cover is anything to go by! Have you filled up your tool tote yet? Mine's already full to the brim. hee hee hee

Chat soon!
Sheree xx