Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Little Bit of Dinner & a little bit of Trekkie.....

I can't say I was a super Trek freak, I used to watch it, but I was more a Battlestart Gallactica Girl. Having a brother meant I watched some cool stuff!!! Anyway last night we went here for a yummy dinner for a friends birthday & then went & saw this. It was GREAT. I have always thought they needed to keep it going & update it for younger fans & with the Lost director doing it, it would have to be good........RIGHT??!! Anyway it was entertaining & now has probably started a whole new generation of Trek fans, me included.

Not much else to tell, tonight I am taking the girls to their school musical. They are doing the Sound of Music.

Should be fun & we have heard rave reviews. Will have to post some photos, but over the next week or so it will be Iphone photos, as my camera is still broken. Hope you are having a great Saturday. Me xxx


rvavic said...

Sounds like a good night.
I am sure your girls will love the SOM musical.
Wish I were coming along too :)

Cherie said...

Sound of Music sounds fun...I love the movie...I am singing the songs to myself as I type...LOL

have a great week
Cherie xx