Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well we are better...........

but now my other baby is sick!!! Oh no there will be no photos for a little while, while she goes to get fixed!!! arrrrgggghhh sooo frustrating. They think the shutter has failed. Mmmmm so some boring posts coming your way!!!

On a lighter note, we did go here for some family photos, much to Anthony's disgust, with comments like "that's what I bought you an expensive & great camera & tripod for??" "You can take our own family photos!!" "these people charge a fortune & I have to actually smile!!" so I dragged him along kicking & screaming for a stressful photo shoot, but can't wait to see them I am sure they will be fantastic. Don't think Anthony's hip pocket will be happy but thanks to some really nice friends we had a free session & we have credit for photos!!! Gotta love that.

Happy Thursday. Me xxxx

1 comment:

Sheree said...

I do hope your camera doesn't take long to fix! What a pain!

Looking forward to seeing the photos you had taken.. I'm sure they're beautiful!

Sheree xx