Saturday, May 16, 2009

An Update...........its a long one........

well it had hit our place & of course I wasn't sick. I don't get sick very often then Thursday, it hit me. Yep sick as & have now lost my voice, now this is the bigger tragedy!!! The last two times I have been sick I had car accidents. Perfect record for 16 years then bang.......once when we got our new Subaru (WRX) nonetheless & 4 days old (3 years ago) then another 12 months ago in Ant's truck. Both times I was quite sick & was saying to myself it was idiocy to go out, but with kids when you need milk you need milk. Hence no car accidents, just NO VOICE. So before then I was cleaning up my scrap desk (which since then has become my own room) yes I now have my own space with two tables!!! Can you believe it. After I got over my feelings of selfishness etc of putting all the girls in the same room, I am actually really enjoying it. The laptop has a place in there & Ant just comes in & chats to me, plus my guitars are now out so I have easier access!!! It is just really nice. Mmmmm maybe I will pressure myself to start outputting some stuff!!!??
So here are before & after photos........

since these photos I now have my sewing machine & as I said Ant has put his laptop in there (which I am secretly hoping will become mine soon) *grin*
we moved the table out from the pergola into here as in winter we don't eat so much outside near the pool but rather inside, so thought I would make use of it. I also have space if someone (namely Britt) wants to come scrap we can!!! The girls are loving their room & after a week or two they have settled down & we don't have a riot before we go to bed with giggles, talking & roll on the floor laughing. They are sooo funny.

I had an awesome Mothers Day & although Ant was on night shift I was on strict instructions to just relax. We had our family McBrewins (as Georgie calls them) our own healthy version of McDonalds Muffins, coffee, oj & all the trimmings. The girls were so beautiful wanting to spoil Mummy. They had a stall at school & the girls both had +$5 to spend (this is what the school worked out)it was so delightful to see what they picked. Georgie got me scented candles & made cards & a keyring, Lucia picked me a beautiful necklace (with jewels of course) & made me a fridge magnet. It was so beautiful, I was quite teary that they had gone to so much effort.

then Ant couldn't let it go by without a present so he got me this....

I felt really spoilt. Also Ant went on his first field trip with Georgie & her class to visit the Dinosaur Museum in Brisbane. The teachers were so excited that a father was coming (must be unusual), I was very happy that he takes the time to spend with the girls (plus it was his turn anyway *grin*) here is a couple of photos, not great but hey at least he took some right???

Georgie with her little friend Jenna. She is a lovely girl & I am glad as this year she got separated from all her friends into the other class. She is so social though it didn't seem to bother her. They had a great day & this post has become mammoth so be back soon with some more catchups. Me xxx


chanel said...

hi lovely ... i am sorry to hear you have been sick! i have had my family staying so haven't been blogsurfing!
love reading all about your new scrapbooking room ... so great! looking forward to seeing all your creative stuff! i need to get to my desk too ... too tired tonight! maybe i'll feel inspired tomorrow!
enjoy your week and hope you feel better real soon
luv chanel

Sheree said...

Wowee Mel your room is looking awesome!! No excuses now huh? *grin* So lovely to see you got spoiled on Mother's Day too!

Sheree xx

Brittany Snow said...


Grandad W said...

Hmmm! will that room be big enough for all your scrapbooking stuff? Where will I fit the stamp cupboard?

I am glad I wasn't with them on the museum trip, I might not have gotten out! :)

We have a dinosaur museum here in Canberra but it is full of retired public servants!


rvavic said...

Love your space sweets...
Very cool.
Love your pressies for Mother's Day {sweet Anth}
Girls are gorgeous as always.
Much love

Cherie said...

Wow Mel your scrap room looks UNREAL...can't wait to see something you have made with your bind it all...i have one but have hardly ever used it...

Hope you are all felling better real soon.

Glad to hear you got spoilt...

Have a great week
and thanks for poping into my blog
Cherie xx