Sunday, September 13, 2009

Get ready for a long post & heavy photos......

So it has once again been a while since I posted. So many things happening all the time. We are off soon on a month long adventure up north in our campervan. It is a mixture of a holiday & Anthony working!! He has done it before but on his own & we decided none of us wanted that this time so it coincides with the girls going on holidays so off we go!! I know that many people have been hit during these economic times so there will be no whingeing from me. It has been a challenge for me to make things stretch, do without & really think about what is important, what is a want & what is a need, hence the no blogging, I have been busy. Above all though is remembering that God is our provider and we just need to trust.

So the happenings in the Brewin we go.......

Eating lots of these with jam & cream.....(not good for my exercise regime but oh so yummy)

Lulu nearly cut her finger off...(Daddy was minding her & this is a long story need I say more??)Needless to say we are very blessed to have a paramedic in the house who quickly glued up the finger so we didn't need a visit to the ER!!

My Pop turned 80....

This has been happening quite a bit lately...

I go in to check on the girls & liv has crawled into Georgies bed down the other end. She is so cute, she loves being Georgies baby. I have really wondered about them all being in the same room but I am continually amazed at how much it just doesn't bother them & they are all so close. On the way to low maintenance girls....YAHOO!!!

Lots of other things happening too but will have to leave that for another blog post.
Happy Sunday.
Me xxx

PS in the meantime my Mum is travelling to see Nath in the USA and I am soooo jealous. Wish I was there!!!


Sheree said...

EWWWWWW!!!!! Lucia's finger looks aweful!!! Poor little thing. How's it looking now?

So nice that you're all going away together this time. I know you'll have a great time... I'm gonna miss you though!!! :(

Sheree xx

rvavic said...

OUCH - eee - OUCHEEEE !! That finger looks nasty!
Happy Birthday to your Popparoo!
Nice to have an update from you... would love to come over for afternoon tea *grin*

Hugs and Love