Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ask the Leyland Brewins.......

well Monday we are off. Not sure how much I will be able to blog or whether I will keep up to date like all you other legends, but will try to post where I can & include photos. We will probably have limited internet coverage as we are going quite a ways inland. The girls and Anthony are very I am armed with some books, mags, good music and the anticipation of seeing some of this beautiful country of ours. It will definately remind me of my roots as I spent the majority of my life out on a farm in the west. I am excited that along the way we might find some little treasure spots where I can forage around. I am going to endeavour to keep a journal & take lots of photos. I am also looking forward to the solitude (well with 3 kids and all) and just getting back to simplicity. No hustle bustle, no toys, no tv (OMG how will I cope LOL) and just spending time together as a family. We all love cards and board games & books so I am looking forward to the chill out time. During this time Anthony is working at a single officer station, so while he is doing this we are just going to hang with him & not miss him like we did last time. There is a pool and a library in the town so we will find lots to do I am sure. Mmmmm maybe I could read my camera manual & catch up on all that........NOT!!! LOL
So catch you on the flip side.........hope to chat soon & watch out for my random posts!!! Take care, much love from my family to yours!!!

Me xxxx

PS I won a voucher over at Scrapzbiz last week for a challenge. I love this site. If you want some great challenges & really nice girls to chat to, head on over!!! The shop is full of gorgeous NEW goodies!!! Will post some LO's when I get back.


Sheree said...

Gonna miss you but have a fantastic time! I'll look forward to seeing all the pics and hearing all about it when you get back. Stay safe!

Sheree xx

Brittany Snow said...

Love you Brewin Woman!! Have an amazing time away. I miss you, cant wait to hear all about it... and SEE you soon!

rvavic said...

Have a great time lovely!!!
Sounds like a cool family adventure...