Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We Are Home.........

What a nice feeling. I apologise for no posting while we were away. Although we were in Australia blogger decided it didn't like my iphone & middle earth decided it didn't need internet after 9pm. So here is a little update. As you can imagine we squeezed a lot into 26 days. It was an adventure not all of it good, but ended positively with a visit to Fraser Island. I had a bit of trepidation about the final leg of our trip......especially when I was told watch out for dingoes (they eat children), you can't swim in the ocean due to sharks (try explaining that to very beachy water babes), sometimes the hot showers don't work & then to top it off this sign before we headed on over......

hahahahahhah it was quite funny I turned to Ant & said where the hell are you taking us?? This is meant to be a holiday!!! I had been very positive and my usual upbeat self up until this point considering what had been happening!!

The first day of our trip we encountered this, should have taken it as a sign??!!
(sometimes we could barely see a metre in front of us)

We had a 1400km trip to our destination of a single officer Ambulance station. Shortened version, we sidetracked to Expedition National Park for a couple of nights which ended up only being one when Ant sliced his hand to the bone & so we had to get up the next day & drive 300km to a nearest hospital so he could get 5 stitches!!
This actually didn't turn out too bad considering, I thought, the alternative being 3 nights in a dust bowl with dingoes & spiders as our companions & no water anywhere in sight!! So we spent 3 days in Springsure which was really lovely, the OIC at Springsure took pity on us & gave us a beautiful little house with air con and tv and while we were here took in some sights (it was a lovely little town), went to a jazz night and the highlight took the girls to their first rodeo (it was also Ants) so it was quite exciting for me as I grew up with all this stuff!!

then continued on to Middlemount. This is where the fun video shop, all got rashes from drinking the water (nobody told us not too) hence the girls were the worst especially little Liv, and a number of other things.....

then they all proceeded to drop like flies with an awful sickness that thank goodness only lasted a couple of days (and Lucia wasn't too bad)but seemed like an eternity there when all you wanted to do was crash in front of tv!! LOL

Here is just a few favourites from Fraser Island, as this post is turning into a marathon. Will have to post about the nightmare that waited at home for us when we got back!! LOL

Fishing with Daddy

A beached whale (which over the next couple of days we watched tiger sharks from only a metre away, the girls were quite sad & then thought it was pretty cool)

Big sand dunes (which we climbed)

So I leave you with this.......You know sometimes I think of how nice it would be to be millionaires to never have to worry about money, to have cars that never break down & your dream house, overseas holidays, being generous & spoiling our loved ones for no reason, retiring young, having new clothes & shoes, never stressing about having to work more for school fees & then I think of how our Heavenly Father says that he looks after even the lillies in the field & I realise that the most important things in life........aren't THINGS!!!! This is what it is all about. Loving unconditionally, being content & happy with ourselves & our place, learning to dance in the rain & trusting that He knows what we don't. Me xxx


Sheree said...

Well you certainly packed in a lot of stuff while you were away! Love the pics and reading all about it. So happy to have you back though. :)

Sheree xx

Nathan Walkington said...

I have decided that one of the trips there we are going to go on a 2 weeks biking trip inland... read about a guys journey.. either that or fly to Madagascar and tour the island on dual sports...

Now I am int eh hunt for dirt bikes for me and the kids... we have decided that instead of having our kids grow up in 300 different activities, we wills tart by getting them into dirt bikes... somethign Daddy REALLY LOVES to do and can do with the kids.. gonna build a track out the back with jumps etc... Karen even told me she was thinking this was a great idea... that was until I found a great bike to buy and she didnt like that idea as much... well right now anyways ha ha ha

that whale at first I was like hey its real, then I thought nah its at a waterpark, then I read the story.. dun fun...

Brittany Snow said...

awwww, fun!
I love that pic of Luc and George on the fence.. hayseads!!

I love you, its only 32days till I get home.. arrrh! so excited.
be prepared for a lt of Britt time... haha.

Moira said...

Wow, what a month! We were in Roma for the dust storm, and I spent the week out there looking a bit like your daughter with the nasty rash - it's horrible :-( Despite some of the dramas, the places you visited looked beautiful and I'm sure you'll have great memories over the years to come... Now scrap those photos!