Friday, December 11, 2009

all times are beautiful for those that carry happiness within....

so that is it for today!! Not much really to share from me, but I am trying to keep things updated & not leave it for weeks at a time. We have been really busy with the moving & adjusting to new space. The girls are on holidays and I am loving it. We are painting, swimming, cooking & just generally hanging out.
My bro sent me Season 2 & 3 of Army Wives which I just love, yes I love it. So just been catching up on "stuff". I have my December Daily sitting there waiting to be put together, am making notes etc, but just can't bring myself to cut up the paper. Little Miss Perfect can't seem to start!! LOL
If you do need something over the holidays head here, Heike has a wonderful site with lots of goodies & SUPER fun competitions. One of my beautiful friends is on the DT but apart from that Heike has amazing service, great priced products & really fun challenges. It is my goal to complete some of them LOL.
Leaving you with this photo of Lulu, it sort of sums up the day.

Hope you are all having a great week, be back soon.

Me xxx


Karen said...

Wish I was there as I drove to work this morning and the temp said -7 F. Yuck!!

Sheree said...

Gotta love the school holidays! So glad my kids are now on holiday alarms, no lunches, no school runs!!! Yay!

Sheree xx

Cherie said...

What a Great Photo....

Have a great week.

Cherie xx