Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dinosaur Dancing

So we had another busy school week. Lucia had her dinosaur disco. It was very cute. She went as a paelentologist, she was the only one. She was adamant she was not going as a dinosaur & she didn't care that she would be the only one not in costume!!! Soooo like her father. Anyway I think it was very clever (even some of the adults asked what she was, and I was thinking get a grip!!? I mean how cool that she was comfortable in her own skin & didn't have to be like everyone else) plus she said to me "mama I don't even like dinosaurs & costumes are too itchy"..............

Bit of adjustment to this.......

Cutest darn paelentologist I have ever seen. She had a great time giving us a concert (even if some adults & their kids are dingbats!!!)
Love you Lulu may you always be confident in who you are & not give a rip what other people think!!!!
Happy Sunday.

Me xxx

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Brittany said...

hahahahaha! sooo cute! xx

Sheree said...

She certainly looked the part Mel! Great job on the costume!

S xx

Grandad Gary .....(the Ledj) said...

I don't blame her not wanting to dress like a dinosaur! You should see the two legged ones walking around Canberra and the way they dress!