Sunday, July 4, 2010

A date and Eclipse

Well we haven't had a date in awhile & a lovely friend got us tickets to the premiere of Eclipse. Ant wasn't terribly excited about the movie but being the awesome man he is he sucked it up. We had a beautiful lunch at a local teppanyaki then off to the movies.

This guy was amazing & the food was delicious!!

I loved the movie, ant thought it was ok. Pretty much we were just happy to have some time out together!!! Thanks to my Mum (you are awesome) we got a little refresher!!!

Be back soon with some scrappy shares. Have been a busy bee working at the shop & getting classes together!!!
Am off to church with the girls, Daddy working today.

Happy Sunday.
Me xx

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Nathan said...

I am looking forward to it... I love all the vampire movies and shows.. ha ha

Sheree said...

Oh I can't wait to go and see it now that I'm home!

S xx

rvavic said...

Awesome. Any time together - uno+uno - is a bonus... even if it is one of those silly movies LOL!