Friday, December 31, 2010

so an update.....

everyone has been nagging me to here is a quick update. We had an awesome christmas but all the days seem to have rolled into one. We have Dad here, friends from Paris, friends from Canberra, it was our 18th wedding anniversary.......etc etc so it has been busy on the socialising at the Brewin household. I have much to share but at the moment cannot share it. Just to say there will be many changes in the Brewins this year. As I haven't edited any photos I will just leave you with this is my present from my dearest friend

She is so clever, inspiring and always knows just what to get me. The frame she got me is so true......soul sisters. I have quite a few friends, but only a few who are really close, she is one of them. We have a lot in common and like spending time crafting, laughing, plus our kids get on great. Although I have only known her two years it seems like we have known each other forever. She will be a lifelong friend I know it.
So not much else here that I can share anyway......Dad is taking us out for dinner for New Years Eve, so we are all excited about that. Hoping you have an awesome 2011, be back soon.

PS on a more sombre note could you please pray for this precious girl Emma, her family have been through so much & it looks like her tumour has returned. She needs a miracle. You can follow her progress on the above link.

Love Me xx


Leanne said...

Thank you Mel, you are such a precious gem. Emma goes in for surgery tomorrow to get a central line put in and then her first chemo session will be on Friday. She is holding up pretty well considering what she has to go through. She is such an inspiration and I am in awe of her strength and resilliance.
I am one very proud mumma. I hope you all had a brilliant new years and I pray that 2011 is the year your prayers and dreams become reality
Love you xxxx

Sheree said...

Ditto right back at you my friend! :) So happy you loved your pressies.

HOping and praying for Emma! What a courageous little thing she is. It's so unfair that this is happening to her.

Sheree xx