Friday, September 2, 2011

Easy Chocolate Scrolls.....

So here goes.....I thought it might be fun to share recipes....I have always baked/cooked and love doing it but now being home am always looking for cheaper, yummy recipes.....I cannot say it will help you lose weight but they are nice for a winter afternoon and quick....the girls love them.

Depending on how many you want to make/eat? lol. I used 4 sheets of pastry (if you are martha stewart you can make your own pastry, but I am a bit lazy).

Puff Pastry (I just used the cheaper coles brand but pampas works well and for all the Americans, crescent roll pastry would work great too, wish we had that here!!!)
Nutella or a hazelnut spread (you can put anything you want into these really, last week I made them with apple/sultanas & nuts)

Defrost the sheets of pastry and cover them in nutella (excuse my photography using my phone at the moment)

Roll them up

Cut them into about 2 inch lots sideways

Put them on a try and squash them down a little so they look like scrolls (well sort of look like scrolls, don't fear they do look great when they come out)

Put them in the oven  for 20 mins and, scrumptious chocolate scrolls

(I also dusted them with this new vanilla bean dusting powder I found).....

Have them with a cup of coffee or chai. Lovely for a cold winters afternoon.

Love Me xxxx

* Note this recipe is from a friend of mine, not sure where she got it from??


Sheree said...

YUMMY!!! So wish I could pop over for a cuppa and scroll!

Sheree xx

Moira said...

Where's the like button when you need it?! :-)

Esther Conroy said...

Hi what temperature should the oven be? Thank you