Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Daily... resuming normal blogging (warning photo heavy)

The fabric has taken a back seat with December looming. I am trying to get my december daily done this year & am quite excited. I have put together a pack to do the album & have a notebook to jot down what we do each day.

I kind of feel like our life is a bit boring, but I know the girls will love it. It is our first year away from family & friends for Christmas so we are trying to build some excitement & make it fun for them. So we will be baking, crafting, finishing off school, playing & just generally hanging out.

Here is what we did today - we usually put up our tree on the 1st but Daddy was at work today, so it will happen tomorrow or Saturday.

1. It was Kates birthday (the girls are very determined on this & so we had a little party) hee. Lulu was so gorgeous & made her a little present & some cards. I love how she just thinks of little details. She is my details kid & loves things just so.....

2. We did school (without too many complaints today) & we are very excited about the new curriculum I have found for next year. It will really encourage them to learn & be fun. (thanks to my new friend Erika, I am feeling so much more confident with teaching etc.)

 3. Played some Guess Who....

(Liv was hilarious could not get a straight shot from her)

and because she is so funny the other shot I got...

absolute crackup this kid. You will have to excuse the photos but at the moment I don't have photoshop as it got taken off my computer & not put back on (grrrrr) & I cannot find the copy on my hard drive!!! Double grrr & Picasa has disappeared!!!!

Tomorrow we are hoping to try these.......(photo taken from Pinterest), fingers crossed we can find all the stuff up here to be able to do them & give away to friends up here. Do you think I could find red/white candy canes today??!!
 (this photo taken from pinterest)

If you have lasted this post.....yay.....see you tomorrow. Hopefull I am back to regular blogging. ROFL

Mel xxx


Karen said...

Love the pics...oh how I miss you guys. Ava and i play guess who quite frequently. Half way across the world and we are the same...Love it!

Sheree said...

Yay!!! So good to see you blogging!! Love the pics of the girls...and Madi had a good giggle at the pics of Livvy! Hee hee Looking forward to the next instalment!

Sheree xx

Moira said...

Lovely photos - did you get the album complete over the month? Would love to see pictures!