Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life Kinda Gets in the Way

Yep it happened again. A month before I blogged. I am a bit hopeless I am afraid. I guess I stop myself as I think our life is boring, there is nothing to share, nothing to tell, who would want to read it & then I think of myself & how I just love even seeing a photo on my sis's blog. It is not meant to be a pressure thing, another way to try make myself feel like I am contributing, it is a journal of life.

So we were thinking we would have a quiet christmas as we aren't around anybody up here. We have been very blessed to have found a few people who like inviting us places. Ha. We had a lovely Christmas Ant ended up being home (he was supposed to work) so we went to the lunch held at church for all the "orphans" people who don't have family etc. Well it was HUGE. There was so much food & they had everything set up for a great time. Of course silly me didn't take photos, I was too busy having fun & eating. That night the next door neighbours invited us over for dinner & a swim (our pool has been green grrrr) and a karaoke jam. Hee hee very funny indeed. I will have to get some photos from that night. Boxing day saw us going out to the Dam & tubing & quad bike riding. Although it was hot we had a great time for a couple of hours & then took a day to recover. LOL.

In a nutshell it was different. I guess it would always be that way. We don't have any family close by, the closest big city is 10 hrs drive (it isn't until you start driving that you realise how isolated we are) and there has been so many changes in our lives this year. Not saying it is a negative thing just different.
Change has become a part of our existence!!! Not sure I love it, but all the intelligent people seem to say that change is good & change helps you grow. Well I am growing a lot. ha

This New Year I would like to be more real, sometimes that might be ugly. It doesn't mean that I am not happy where we are, or the season that I am in, just REAL. Hope that is ok. We are loving the simplicity of the life up here, the genuiness of the people, "the don't go to the doctor unless you are bleeding to death" scenarios, the indigenous people & the struggles they face on a daily basis, the dynamics of a small town (people having to come to a small pond to be big fish & have opinions to match), the lack of services (the library got rained out & we won't have one for 6 months) that would never happen in the city, the fact that it takes us 2 mins to get anywhere that doesn't happen in the city LOL. The fact that I was worried we wouldn't be able to have decent coffee somewhere??!! I mean the sacrilege....really??? The fact that we weren't really prepared (not really) with how full on Ant's job would be. All in all there has been lots of changes but we are coping well. The girls have settled in & we have started making a life here. Some days we miss the beach......like really miss the beach & I miss my Mum & the girls their Nana, Sheree (my crafty soul sista), family & other friends but it is a new different!!! We are keeping positive & finding the heart of our little family.

So I am going to try share our life up here, share my crafty projects (hope that's ok Kaz) & also food stuff (I am loving the food at the moment although my butt isn't), our routine/homeschooling journey, our adventures in the outback (there is plenty of that here) & hopefully some wisdom I have learnt & am learning.

Will leave you some photos of the last month. I just did a collage, but includes tubing, cooking, playing games (new ones for chrissy yeah baby), cooking (first cake pops), major mango overload, chrissy pressies, self portraits. hee hee

Love Me xxx

PS I would so love one of these, wonder where I could find it. Of course its probably in a COOL american shop.



Nathan said...

Everything you want is in a shop here.. come on over ;)

I am more and more longing for a simple life and to come back there and live around you guys for a few years... the though of packing up my life and leaving (this time with 5 others in tow) seems toooooo much though

Sheree said...

Mel I'm no happy you've decided to share your outback adventures with us on your blog! I really has been such a big change for your family but you're doing an awesome job up there all ready and it's great to see you out and about and enjoying it! I'll be looking forward to your stories and seeing photos of you all!!

Sheree xx
ps. Sitting here with a tear in my eye...missing you too!

Moira said...

Great to hear the bits and pieces of life out there :-) I know I felt a bit like that when we moved to Warwick, but being s mere two hours from the city is far less than your ten hour drive! But the whole positive/negative adjustment I can totally relate to! Five minute drive to anywhere? Yep. Five minutes in and out at the pharmacy vs 30 minutes in the city? Yep. Photo developer knows my name and gets my pics done in 15 minutes? Yep :-) But everyone knowing everyone, not so good. Waiting weeks for a dr appt coz they're aren't enough drs? Not so good either. Only having a choice if fast food outlets or a couple of greasy Chinese restaurants, also not so great for goodies :-) BUT we do have many options for great coffee!! Must be a small town thing!

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